Economical Benefits

The benefits of membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis technology for the treatment of highly contaminated tannery effluents can be defined as follows:
  • Excellent performance and effluent quality

  • A reduction in excess sludge

  • A reduction in the discharge of COD, BOD and Suspended Solids

  • Compact and modular system requires small plant foot print

  • Reverse Osmosis polishing enables high quality process water recycling

  • Payback for this technology could be as little as 2 years
Testing of Recycling Technology

W2O offers on-site pilot trials to demonstrate the technological feasibility of MBR and subsequent RO treatment. Based on the results of the pilot trials we deliver a cost quotation of a full scale plant including equipment, operation, membrane replacement, labour and maintenance costs. This feasibility study enables industry to calculate achieved savings in terms of water costs and the resultant plant pay-back.

W2O offers the following services for pilot testing, training and support during the demonstration phase:
  • Demonstration: Pilot scale on-site evaluation

  • Pilot plant start-up: Dry and wet testing

  • Training: Training of operators

  • Pilot trial supervision: Optimise plant performance

  • Sampling: Analysis of effluent composition and plant efficiency
Industrial scale Membrane Bioreactor
and Reverse Osmosis plant
  • Up-scaling & design: Design, drawings and equipment specs

  • Feasibility Studies: CAPEC and OPEX costs and pay back calculation
For a full scale implementation we offer the complete plant design and a selection of appropriate equipment and we offer further support during the equipment acquisition, installation, commissioning and the start-up of the full scale plant. In the following we can offer training of operators and a service contract, which includes 2 visits per year.